QCamel Offer Document

QCamel, a supplier of camel milk products, is owned and operated by the Brisbane family and a dedicated team of staff on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Project design notes

From a designers point of view it’s common to work on an established brand without a guide or kit, and during the design phase, it will give you some freedom. However, what’s most important is good communication with your client. Collaboration with intermediary parties, financial houses, or lawyers is often necessary, and tweaking or editing must be accounted for.

Rocketfish specialises in designing documents and reports, with refined expertise in that area. Understanding how to stay within a given framework while ensuring that the aesthetics and graphic treatment of telling the “story” always remain the top priority, and is key. This document is a good example of taking all the little pieces and making them work together.

The take on it is that “if the client likes the results, the market will as well”.

  • Concept designs 
  • Page layouts
  • Template development
  • Graphs & tables